Workato vs Zapier
Workato vs Zapier
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Traffic and people searches

Lets got straight to the traffic stats among the two websites. is a well-known toolset for backlinks and SEO analysis. Let's use stats from it for comparison. We can see that zapier beats workato by far 85K searches in US(288K global search) vs 4.8K searches in US(16K globally) Maybe this is due to that workato is positioning itself as a service for Enterprise and not for the small companies.

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Zapier pricing starts at $19.99 per feature, per month. There is a free version. Zapier offers a free trial. You can see pricing page

Workato's annual cost starts at $10000. On their official pricing page. There is a quote - "Pricing that is as easy as our product ". We just hope that one day you won't need to pass an email for a trial to see the easy price.

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Workato - Businesses of all sizes requiring end-to-end workflow automation capabilities to scale growth, from Finance, HR, and IT to Marketing, Sales, and Support. 1-1000+ users.

Zapier - Small & Medium Businesseses. Marketers, Salespeople, Designers, Developers and more!

One review from our users

Workato is brilliant to make separate applications work together without much effort or specialists being needed. When specific events on software A should trigger actions on B (or more) and you want that to happen without any development or big budgets, that's where Workato comes into play. It's a great help if you want tasks automated, communications flowing and data synced between different applications.

Zapier is used for our most simple integrations and specifically for those were configuring for clients. Being in charge of all software/tools means that we’re often required to integrate the platforms we provide with the client's existing tech stack. A majority of these use cases are very simple configurations (I.e. converting a chatbot contact submission to a lead in CRM), which Zapier is perfect for. We are easily able to set the client upon a low-cost Zapier plan, make the simple configuration and know it will work. Zapier is the perfect, affordable tool for simple integrations and triggers.