Create images from new Google Sheets rows and Zapier
Create images from new Google Sheets rows and Zapier
Save yourself the time and effort of manual copy-and-paste tasks. With this integration, you can automatically generate images in supportivekoala from new Google Sheets rows.

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  • About this tutorial
  • Set up a new trigger
  • Set up a new Google sheets row
  • Connect Zapier To Supportivekoala
  • Copy your Project API Key
  • Pass data to the template
  • Update spreadsheet row in google sheets

About this tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to set up a simple automated zap that Automatically generates images with text highlights on them in Google Sheets row

Set Up A New trigger

Open up Zapier.

In Zapier, create a new Zap and for the app and trigger choose Google Sheets/New spreadsheet row :


At this point if you haven't already, you will have to connect your Google account with Zapier.

Save the Zap trigger step and move to the action step.

Set Up Your Google Sheets Row

Create 3 different columns:

  1. image URL
  2. text
  3. result


these three columns are important. so, don't forget to set it up.

Connect Zapier To Supportivekoala

As the next app in the Zapier workflow, choose Supportivekoala and the Create Image action:


Copy Your Project API Key

Go to your profile and click the Settings / API Key to get your API key which you will need in the next step:


When prompted, you will need to connect Zapier to Supportivekoala using the Project API Key that you copied earlier:


Pass Data To The Template

If Zapier is able to connect successfully to Supportivekoala, you should see a dropdown of all your project's templates. Select a template, you can choose any templates in supportivekoala's template library or create your own and the template details will load:


select column number 1 for background image, and then select column number 2 for text, and click continue.


click test, and continue


turn on your zap. it must look like this before you move on to the last step.

Update your Spreadsheet Row In GoogleSheets

Now, all you need to do is just updating your google spreadsheet row.


choose update spreadsheet row, and continue.

Set up action :

fill it up with the same thing like you did in the first step.

select costum ROW ID for row

just leave both columns 1 and 2 blank. But, for the 3rd column you have to insert data from supportivekoala so, just click create image in supportivekoala and select image URL and click on continue.


Now, you need to switch to Google Sheets to check if it's updated or not.


There it is! the result is in the 3rd column. click on the link to see it and save it.