How to Auto-Generate Baptism Certificates
How to Auto-Generate Baptism Certificates
Auto Generate baptism certificates with ease


  • What does this integration do?
  • Example Image
  • Select a template in Supportivekoala's template library
  • Edit Template
  • Get your Supportivekoala API key
  • Connect Supportivekoala and Shopify using Zapier
  • Make a Zap
  • Set Trigger
  • Create Image in Supportivekoala

What does this integration do?

This tutorial will teach how to auto-generate certificates with ease. Creating your certificate can be hard because it requires high creativity. Instead of creating it all yourself, Supportivekoala has certificate templates that you can choose the suitable one for yourself so you don't have to bother creating it from scratch.

Example Image

This is an example of what the final image looks like: image

Select a template in Supportivekoala's template library


For this tutorial, we will modify an existing template. Click Create a template to choose a template that fits the use case.

Suppportivekoala allows the flexibility of customising an existing template, adjusting the layout, add layers, objects, colours, fonts, etc.

Alternatively, you can choose to Create a Template from scratch.

Edit Template

For this tutorial, we will use the Baptism template:


Click on Templates and search for Baptism and select the template shown in results.

You can always edit the template the way you want and save it.

Connect Supportivekoala and Googlesheets using Zapier

Now we can integrate Zapier with your Supportivekoala account to automatically generate images. you will need to:

  1. Connect your Googlesheets account
  2. Create an image with Supportivekoala using the API Key

Make a Zap

Log in to your Zapier account and Make A Zap.


Set Trigger

In Zapier, create a new Zap and for the app and trigger choose Google Sheets/New spreadsheet row :


At this point, if you haven't already, you will have to connect your Google account with Zapier. Save the Zap trigger step and move to the action step.

Set Up Your Google Sheets Row

Create 6 different columns:

  • name
  • day
  • month
  • year
  • church name
  • result


Connect Zapier To Supportivekoala

As the next app in the Zapier workflow, choose Supportivekoala and the Create Image action:


Get your Supportivekoala API Key

You will need your Supportivekoala API key at a later stage to authenticate with Zapier. The API key is found in My Profile


When prompted, you will need to connect Zapier to Supportivekoala using the Project API Key that you copied earlier:


Pass Data To The Template

When Zapier can connect successfully to Supportivekoala, you should see a dropdown of all your project's templates. Select a template, you can choose any templates in Supportivekoala's template library or create your own and the template details will load:



Click on continue.

Upadate spreadsheet row

Now, all you need to do is just update your Google spreadsheet row.


Choose update spreadsheet row, and continue.

Set up action :

Fill it up with the same thing as you did in the first step. select custom ROW ID for row


Now, you need to switch to Google Sheets to check if it's updated or not. Click and open the link to see the image result.


There it is! the result.


Now, whenever you create a new row in your Google Sheet spreadsheet new certificates will be created you can try our baptism certificate generator